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putraperkasa : Gum Copal is a mature form of natural resin obtained from the sap of trees in Indonesia. Its properties of water resistance, solubility in alcohols, ability to give glossy finishing and superior binding abilities makes it an important source of raw materials for the production of varnishes, adhesives, paints, and perfumes.

At our Gum Copal processing unit in Indonesia, we employ strict quality assessment and the qualities we process include, PWS, DBB, WS, and Dust.


Gum Copal Grade

1. Grade PWS

2. Grade DBB

   Specifications : 





Gum Copal PWS


Gum Copal WS

Physical Specification :


Whitish Yellow

Blackish Yellow

translucent nodules

opaque nodules

Nodule Size

0,5 cm up

0,5 cm up

Dust %

5% Max

10% Max

Chemical Specification :

Solubility in 95% (v/v) ethanol


Poor solubility

Ash content

1% Max

3% Max

Acid Value mg KOH/gr



Loss on drying

1% Max

1% Max


1% Max

% Max


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